Things to do when “peeling”

So I have done 3 sessions of Dermalogica Bio Active Peel here in Dubai ( It will launch in this region in November, however, I work with this brand so I have got the chance to do it ) Over all what happens to your skin after any kind of “chemical” peeling is that you shed skin like a snake. Yes! my face literally looks like its shedding from every nook & corners of my face – my nose, my chin, around my mouth, my cheeks, my forehead (you name it & I am peeling from there)

So, these are few things I would insist on anyone who gets a peel done –

*Hydration booster/serum. After a peel you would need to make sure you have some kind of hydration booster/serum with you. Before starting your day ( before applying makeup) you should apply thin layer of hydration booster to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

*Cleanse. Make sure you wash your face with a gentle cleanser be it creamy or gel like. You would want to stay away from harsh cleansers as your sensitive (peeled) skin would not appreciate it.

*Moisturize. No explanation needed for this one. You will automatically feel the need to keep your skin hydrated once you start to peel like crazy.

*Sunscreen is your best friend. Repeat it to yourself every single morning before stepping out and lather that sunscreen baby to max. After peeling your skin is highly sensitive to pigmentation so to avoid all those black spots/sunburn /pigmentation apply sunscreen

Hydrate. Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated from within. Basically do not depend on physical hydration alone.

Facial Mist. As the day goes on you would notice your skin would get more & more flaky. Do not peel it off. Let it come off on its own. To help with this flakiness you can spritz a hydrating toner/spray that will soothe your skin and give it moisture. 

Makeup. This is something you can do away with if you are staying indoors, that is, you are not going to meet anyone except your family members ( because they have seen you in your ugly PJ’s and they still love you and not judge you – up until you haven’t showered for 2 days.. yikes) If you are working or have to meet a lot of people every single day I would suggest to prep your skin properly and then try to use cream or liquid makeup. Powders would not help as they would unfortunately highlight the patchiness.


These are few of things that I am keeping a track of since my peeling. 

If anyone out there is also going through the same, hopefully, these tips will help 🙂




2 thoughts on “Things to do when “peeling”

    1. I love peels myself, however, havent got a chance to get one lately ( I surely do miss working with a skincare brand as getting skin treatments was a regular at my previous job 🙂 ) You are right..Sunscreen is soooo important. Clarins UV Plus sounds interesting, guess I should try it. xx


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