Bachelorette Party : Mumbai Wedding Part 1


Long time no see – Long time no post. Well, wedding season kicked in this month for me & that too close friend & family members were having their big day. Last week I was attending one of my close friend’s wedding in Mumbai and I thought of sharing the story here – Behind the scene stories with pictures πŸ˜‰

Part 1 is dedicated to our Girl’s night out = Bachelorette Party.

Weddings are great fun and this one was no exception. We stayed the night at a hotel since we knew there was lot to catch up on and lot to do. After dressing up we got drinks on the house as a gesture from our hotel for the Bride & her girls *win-win situation*. Later that night we drove down to Four Seasons Hotel – AER Lounge. A gorgeous roof top lounge which was perfect for the night and the view was breathtaking.

Bride To Be
She got her Tag on for the night
Pit-Stop before heading out for the night. Free drinks courtesy *to be bride* charm πŸ˜‰
Ofcourse a room selfie before heading out is a must!
AER Lounge Four Seasons Hotel
The night that was!
Group Selfie
And that’s how you pose
Bride was in her mood πŸ˜‰
Another Pose shot
All smiles
Love Love Love

Once we got back to our room we got into our PJ’s and had a late girlie night gossip session. By end of the night I made two new gorgeous friends for life πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to show you more pictures of this amazing Indian wedding. Part 2 coming soon πŸ™‚

Have you attended a wedding lately?



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