Sephora Sheet Mask : First Impressions

Ever happened that you are waiting for a friend at the mall and you have some time to kill? I’m pretty sure, it has happened multiple times, right? During such times, you are around Sephora and you think of checking new stuff out there and eventually end up buying *stuff* you really don’t need. Well, that has happened with me multiple times (some times I regret some times I don’t)

On one such occasion of waiting for a friend I ended up getting myself a Sephora Green Tea Mask. I saw it sitting pretty among other sheet masks in Sephora (they have a good collection of sheet masks) When I read Green Tea , my hands automatically grabbed it because its said “Green Tea” . It’s because green tea is up there when it comes to skincare and any acne prone person would give it it’s due credit.

I have seen zillion of videos and read umpteen blog posts about sheet masks, was always intrigued but never tried it. So this Sephora Green Tea Mask became my first ever sheet mask. Since it was my first try I wanted to do a First Impressions video, which also was my first ever first impressions ( a lot of firsts)

Sephora Green Tea Sheet Mask – Pac Man version 😉

It was a fun thing to do, especially for summer nights a sheet mask seems a great pampering activity. I hope you would check out the video to know about my first impressions of this mask.

Have you tried any Sephora sheet masks?



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