Wow Anti Pollution Sunscreen

Wow Anti Pollution Sunscreen Review

I used the Wow Anti Pollution Sunscreen for some time and I wanted to share my experience with you in case anyone is looking at this product. I hope you enjoy my review & demo of this product. You can check out the detailed review of the WOW Anti Pollution Sunscreen Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion … Continue reading Wow Anti Pollution Sunscreen Review

Clinque’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation Review

Yet another foundation finds a spot in my collection and this time it is the Clinque's Anti-blemish solutions. While strolling at Sephora's Clinique counter I was approached by their sales assistant , which I usually dislike since I don't like someone after me to buy just because they have to reach their target. However, this time … Continue reading Clinque’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation Review

Effective Acne Mask Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Masks for an acne prone- oily skin means business. For me masks are also stress buster since taking out time from a busy schedule to focus on myself is bliss. For past 5 years I have suffered from adult-acne which has made me try out numerous amazing and not-so-amazing face masks. Some has helped me tame … Continue reading Effective Acne Mask Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Review

 Removal of makeup is one of the most important step for making sure your makeup looks amazing. If you do not remove all that product from your face every evening/ night you probably (read always) will end up messing up your skin. I have personally suffered plenty of times by not taking this simple step. … Continue reading Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Review

Blue Smokey Eye : Video

Hi guys, I'm getting the hang of "smokey eyes" lately. Somehow, I have always thought it was very difficult to create but one has to make an effort to learn something. After a lot of attempts I created a blue smokey eye look and made a video of it which I wanted to share with you. I … Continue reading Blue Smokey Eye : Video

GRWM: Indian Wedding / Sangeet Look

Hey guys, With all the wedding madness going around (read my brother getting married) I recorded a Sangeet Look and thought of sharing the "get ready with me" video here.  Hope you enjoy this video & please do support by subscribing to my channel 🙂 xx Asha

L’oreal Paris Infallible 24h Foundation Review & Demo

L'oreal's Infallible 24h Foundation Swatch and review. 320 Toffee Caramel

Ice Cube Trick – Acne A girl who has been suffering with acne for a while must have tried a lot of potions and creams, treatments and remedies, chemicals and natural stuff. You name it and it all will be under the list of "tried stuff". That girl in question here is me. There are few great products and … Continue reading Ice Cube Trick – Acne

Summer Powder Foundation Routine : Summer Chic

Hey Gorgeous! Summer calls for a powder foundation routine. There are days when I just don't feel like applying a creamy foundation and like to have something light weight. Those days I grab my Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder to help my skin look better than it actually is. The product comes in a compact … Continue reading Summer Powder Foundation Routine : Summer Chic

Mini M.A.C store rant + Mini NewU Haul

Hello Gorgeous! As the title suggests, it a rant and a haul. So here goes the story: I went to the mall with the sole aim of drooling over and purchasing the Cinderella collection from M.A.C. But guess what happened! I was told this collection was not released in India and will not be since … Continue reading Mini M.A.C store rant + Mini NewU Haul