Must-have moisturiser for you! Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturiser

The only mositurizer you need in your life today is the Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturiser. You can thank me and a lot of other’s who have reviewed and raved about it later 🙂

After seeing a lot of YouTubers’ rave about this product I was convinced this product must be getting promoted heavily through the brand’s PR team, which usually is the case in the beauty community. This made me keep away from it but then after few more months I saw someone comparing this with the Laneige water bank moisturiser & Clinique’s moisture surge gel. I have tried both these products in the past and while I liked them both but they were quite expensive. I even ended up trying Neutrogena’s Hydro boost water gel, again a nice product but nothing too extreme to vouch for.

Coming back to the Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturiser, this one hits a jackpot for sure. I am about to finish this tub so let me jot down the pros for this product :

  • Hydrates skin quite deeply that lasts throughout the day (I felt, up until you wash your face the hydration lasts)
  • Does not clog your skin, my skin didn’t breakout after using this product till date.
  • This gel moisturiser absorbs into the skin instantly.
  • Contains Vitamin E & Niacinamide (anti-acne) (apart from other ingredient)
  • Gives a nice glow which isn’t oily.
  • Great to use during summer & monsoon weather.
  • Budget friendly moisturizer
Gel consistency


  • I’m not sure about it being an all year moisturiser, would definitely need to layer it up with some heavy duty moisturiser in the winters. Well, that’s my assumption so far since I haven’t used this during winters. Will update after/during 2020 winters 🙂

That’s it, yes I have no other con for this moisturiser.

For the price at which this product retails, it is within the reach of a budget skincare lover or a luxury product junkie. I bought it at Rs. 239   Rs. 299 ( 20% discount) for a Size : 147gm tub from Nykaa There are two sizes avaialble, one at 73 gm & other at 147 gm.

Verdict : 8/10 – Definitely deserves a try.



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