Best Amazon Finds In India (Home)

Every Youtube video I binged on while searching for tips for moving into a new apartment was that setting up is a slow but steady progress. This is especially true for young/ new couples moving in together and starting their lives.

While I kept (& still keep looking) around for things to buy on the internet through different websites, Amazon became one of my best bets for a lot of things. I have bought so many cool stuff from amazon ( and some not so cool ones) so jotting them down here should help you in having an option if you are hunting for something. Listing them down per different rooms to give an understanding of usage:


6 piece bathroom kit – This came to be an interesting buy since I got all the required elements for the bathroom with the same theme. The bathroom surely looks quite bright with this set. Totally happy with this purchase.

6 Piece Bath Set 

5 piece bathroom kit – perfect elegant and sturdy. Love the design of these. The one’s I got is no longer available but attaching the same brand below for you to consider.

Set of 4 Pieces

Vanity Cosmetic Holder– I’m absolutely in love with this holder which is giving my vanity counter such an organized look. I have a lot of products and having a swiveling holder to hold it is the best thing ever. I got the transparent one and it looks so good and organized ( well on most days)


Havells Air Oven Digi 1500 watt

We love to eat fries and other potato recipes that require shallow or deep frying. While we love to munch on those we also have gotten concious of our eating habits and having an airfryer or air oven made sense. After doing a lot of research we decided to buy havells air oven which has all the possiblity when it comes to air frying & baking. So far we have used it to prepare fries & nuggets. Soon looking forward to trying out other of its features. So far, loving it.

Desert spoons / snack set/ coffee spoon – talk of the town! atleast I make sure my guests notice it ( ofcourse, If im close to them and can boast) Quality – A+ Design pretty elegant and cute.

Desert spoons

Floor runner – a must for kitchen to ensure water splashes via the sink doesnt create a mess while working. I have washed it couple of times and the fabric has stayed exactly the same.

Kitchen Floor runner

Shelf liner – This is the first thing I got for the kitchen. I wanted to have something that would keep the kitchen shelves clean and not let any spill ruin the base. Best part about this is that it is washable so you can re-use it. It comes in a roll and can be customized to certain areas easily.

TradeVast® EVA Shelf Liner Mat Drawer Multipurpose Durable and Strong, Anti Slip Liners for Drawers, Shelves, Kitchen Cabinets, Storage, Kitchens and Desks EVA Full Length 5 Meter Anti Slip Grip Mat - Size 45 X 500 cm
Shelf Liner

Spaghetti tongs – Perfect for salads & pasta. Got two tongs and have started to use only one on a regular basis. It makes serving spagetti so so easy and hassle free.

THW 9 Inch Stainless Steel Utility Tongs with Vinyl Coated Handle- Heavy Duty Long Kitchen Tongs for Barbecue Grilling Cooking Serving Buffet Salad Ice Oven, Set of Red and Green Color Coded Tong
Stainless Steel Utility Tongs

Salt & Pepper shaker – I bought a wooden set for salt & pepper which was not that great because of its finishing so I returned that instead ordered these and they are quite easy to use and pleasing to the eyes too.

Home-Cart Spice/Masala Salt & Pepper Shaker Spice Holder Dispensers Pepper Condiment with Handle, 125 ML (Pack of 2)
Salt & Pepper Shaker

Serving / Display Tray – When guest’s come over and you’d need to serve something you need to have a tray. Basic! I found that tray set on amazon and I was totally in love with it. Only two drawbacks. Firstly it was too glossy for my liking and second on the smaller tray after some time a crack started to show up in the wood. I use that tray now mainly as a display tray.

Serving Tray

Living Room

Gas lighter – To light all the tea light candles or jar canldes, since having a match stick is just hectic.

Gas Lighter for candles

Sofa Throw – Since we have our new family addition – our pampered Mocha ( pet dog) we have to ensure our sofa’s are kept safe from her, especially since she is teething right now. For this I went on a search for


Femora Glasses – Femora glasses that not only look classy but are quite well built too. Love the design detail of these and the volume of each glass is great too.

Marble coaster & Constellation coasters : Adding coasters with different theme is what I had in mind. The first one I got was the marble coaster & the second one I got are these constellation coaster. Pretty happy with the quality and style of these, prefer the constellation coaster more tho.

StonKraft KLEO Natural Stone Sculpted Coffee Tea Beer Coasters Set
Marble Coasters
Townside Constellation Coasters Heptagon Tableware (Orion, Leo, Cassiopeia, Taurus), Set of 4, Wooden
Constellation coasters

There are more stuff that I bought which I will be sharing in a part 2 of best amazon finds in India. Hope you enjoyed!



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