Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil Review & Demo

In life I believe one reaches a stage where removing make up is more fun than applying it and that’s because skincare becomes bae! A good skin is going to last a lifetime and any makeup on good skin will always look great.

I have suffered from adult acne and have seen the ‘bad skin’ days and let me tell you that part of life was no fun. Once I figured out how to get (almost) clear skin I became all the more interested in keeping my skin healthy & clean. This passion of mine helped in finding our some holy grail products for my skincare routine.

A background about my skin – I have combination oily & acne prone skin that’s prone to breakout during that time of the month. My skin while being oily, is also dehydrated so I have to look for products that would suit this combination.

The first step to skincare is cleaning and I have been following a double cleanse method for a long time. My first step to double cleanse is the Innisfree Green tea fresh cleaning oil. Let me go ahead and point this out that – I can’t get enough of this cleaning oil. A product that has become one of my all time favorite skincare product which is effective & pocket friendly. I have used higher end products doing the same job but this product is one of the best cleansing oil for an acne prone skin hands down! Not only does it remove/melt makeup it also lifts off white heads that are forming into the pores, this is an added bonus.

Here are my pro’s for the product:

  1. It breaks down the makeup easily. You dont have to tug your skin to melt makeup off of your skin.
  2. It’s an Hydrating cleansing oil hence doesn’t strip your skin of natural oil.
  3. It doesn’t sting eyes and doesn’t blur your vision out after the wash.
  4. Filled with freshly double-squeezed Jeju green tea extract.
  5. Removes white heads while melting the make up off. This is my favourite thing about this product.
  6. The bottle has a nozzle which is hygienic to use since you don’t have to scoop the product out. Also it comes with a nozzle stopper which is travel friendly.

Check my review & demo on my youtube where I show how I use this korean skincare product.

Hope this review was helpful.



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